Bulk Storage / Mixing Tanks

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Bulk Storage Tank 10,000 gallons

Contractors can buy in bulk and save money and time with your own on-site storage vessel. For distributors, our Nealco® tanks can be customized to complement your facility and service your customers.

All functions are controlled from a single point and a ladder is provided for top access. All units are D.E.P. compliant and Nealco® will work with your local officials to get certifications where necessary.

  • Tank & Capacity

    Either 4,000, 6,000 or 8,000 gallons. Tank is 14-inch thick steel with 2 large manways. Tank diameter and length can be customized to fit your space requirements.
  • Pumping System

    50–95 GPM Viking® gear pump with standard 2-inch piping.
  • Engine

    Your choice from the following options:
    • Honda® or Briggs & Stratton® 13 HP gas engine
    • Single or three-phase electric motor
  • Agitation

    3-inch shaft diameter. Variable speed control with forward and reverse. Offset paddles hydraulically driven for superior torque capabilities.
  • Custom Options

    • Siemens® flow meter
    • Connections for clean out solvents and water
    • 3-inch piping with a Roper® pump (recommended for mixing)
    • Squeegee paddles
    • Larger 20-inch filter
    • Suction or fill hoses available by the foot
    • Control panel available as remote hookup