Multi-Application Vehicles

MAV Ride-on Dual Applicator & Squeegee Machines

Multi Application Vehicle (MAV-350 DA)

From the ground up we set out to answer all of the flaws with DA or dual-applicator machines. The result is the MAV, or Multi-Application Vehicle. This machine is the complete package for your worksite and with its modular construction it can grow and expand with your needs. We started with a 3" steel frame so the weight is distributed better and for easier modification. Then we addressed the torque problems so it could drive up trailer ramps when full.

As with all Nealco® models the MAV was designed with direct customer input. If you have solutions that require customizing call us to discuss. Nealco® can help.

  • A 3" square tube frame allows better weight distribution while allowing for easier future additions and modifications.
  • The 42" diameter 3/16" steel tank allows for true full sweep agitation, just like all Nealco® models.
  • Nachi® rear wheel drive motors provide enough torque to drive up trailer ramps, even when fully loaded. These motors brake in neutral and upon power loss, but cushions to stop so you don't get jerked around.
  • Passive "kill" switch connects to operator with a lanyard and shuts off ALL power in emergency.
  • True rack-and-pinion steering holds position so you won't need to constantly correct the wheel, even around turns. 150° front wheel pivot gives you the tightest turning radius possible without the "oversteering jam up" that 180° creates.
  • 37 HP Electronic Diesel Kubota® gives unparalleled power and the most efficient and environmentally friendly power on the market.
  • Digital gauge gives you all the same information you get in the dash of your vehicle: oil temp/pressure, water, fuel level, tach, just to name a few.
  • 50-gallon hydraulic reservoir ensures your system will run cool and efficient.
  • 20-gallon fuel tank means less time worrying about having enough diesel to finish a job.
  • 30-gallon stainless steel water tank allows you to use the fog system effectively and still have plenty of clean up water afterwards.
  • Larger 28" diameter tires gives you plenty of speed without losing the torque and suspension you need for unstoppable, comfortable performance.
  • Open "cockpit" style control center features a mechanical suspension seat and plenty of room to stand if you wish, all controls in one location for comfortable and safe control, and even a cup holder and USB charging ports are standard!
  • ESSP 100 GPM pump system with 50-foot hose and wand and the same no-drip spray-bar Nealco® is known for.
  • Squeegee system floats so those dips in asphalt no longer get uneven coverage. And the squeegee assembly lifts full 9" for clearance when loading and unloading.
  • The butterfly valve pour spout is controlled with a 12V pedal so you don't twist your ankle trying to open it.
  • Front facing flood lights and 300° beacon lights are standard on MAV models
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Model Length Body / Overall Width Body / Overall Height Weight (Empty) Capacity
MAV-350 DA
Dual Application (Squeegee / Spray)
137 in. / 168 in. 73 in. / 93 in. 94 in. 4400 lbs. 350 gal.
MAV-350 SM
Squeegee Machine
139 in. / 155 in. 73 in. / 93 in. 94 in. 3900 lbs. 350 gal.
  • Engine

    • Kubota® 37 HP diesel electronic engine
    • Water-cooled, computer controlled ignition
  • Frame

    3-inch square tube steel frame
  • Tank

    42-inch dia., 3/16-inch steel tank with our standard full sweep agitation
  • Fuel

    Diesel #2 20-gal. tank capacity with water separator and digital capacity read out
  • Water / Fog

    Fogger system and cleanup hose with 30-gal. stainless steel tank
  • Drive System

    • Rear wheels powered by Nachi® motors
    • 36.5:1 gearbox and 3,050 ft./lb. torque
  • Steering System

    Hydraulic rotary actuator for true rack and pinion steering
  • Additional Specs

    • Medium backed cushion seat w/ mechanical suspension and arm rests
    • Lights: front flood lights and rear amber beacon lights, optional rear flood lights
    • Open control center – sit or stand with comfortable control
    • ESSP 100 GPM pumping system, Nealco® no-drip spray bar
    • Squeegee assembly lifts up to 9 in. for loading on trailer
    • Assembly floats for even coverage on imperfect asphalt
    • Yes, even a cup holder and USB charging port