300 Series

DP-300 Asphalt Sealcoating Machine and Applicator

Trailer or Skid


The 300 Series was created as an answer for the NEW contractor to get started without a substantial initial investment. The price tag suggests an "economy" class but these little giants have it all!

To achieve a low cost machine, we set out to build a small unit with an air pump and hand agitation. After selecting the best dual-diaphragm pump and air compressor, we put everything else we could fit. The result was the perfect machine for a beginner to start with, and the perfect complement to any large fleet of professional sealcoaters.

The deck is 14-inch steel plate. Fencing with ramp also available as an option. Other options include a brush box, a hose reel, 15-foot suction hose, and a 2516-inch ball hitch in place of the military-style pintle.

  • We managed to fit the same manway and surge tank on these that you'll find on our larger units. The tank may be smaller, but the guy who climbs inside to clean it sure isn't.
  • As on larger units, the 75-foot × 34-inch hose with 6-foot aluminum hand wand is used for application.
  • 3-to-1 gear reduction on the hand crank makes easy work of turning the 4-paddle agitator.
  • The 8-gallon Jenny compressor powers the Versa-Matic, clamped metallic, dual-diaphragm pump to provide a steady strong spray that results in professional jobs and repeat business.
  • The 4-foot extended trailer provides space to haul everything to the job site in one trip!
  • The skid model has a perfect deck space for a blower or crack sealer.
  • The skid unit can be mounted to truck or trailer. Haul it to and from the site on your typical pickup truck. The frame is designed to fit between wheel wells on a standard 8-foot bed!
  • Most 1-ton vehicles are only rated to handle this tank when empty. Check your vehicle's GVRW before transporting this tank on the highway with any sealer inside.
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Model Length Width Height Weight Capacity
DP-300T 146 in. 70 in. 73 in. 2100 lbs. 300 gal.
DP-300TE 180 in. 70 in. 73 in. 2500 lbs. 300 gal.
DP-300S 103 in. 51 in. 56 in. 1300 lbs. 300 gal.
  • Trailer Models

    Pintle (military-style) hitch, 16-inch — 6 lug wheels, heavy duty jack, lighting system, 12-volt breakaway system, electric brakes, 7000 lbs (GVW) axles
  • Air compressor

    Jenny, model G8HGA-8P with 8-gallon capacity, 8 HP Honda GX engine, recoil start, 16.2 cfm @ 100 psi
  • Tank & Capacity

    300-gallon steel tank with 24-inch manway. Inner lid and safety hatch. Tank dimensions: 42-inch diameter × 50 inches long
  • Pumping System

    Versa-Matic E4AA clamped metallic dual diaphragm pump operated by compressor. Variable flow control (0-70 gpm), 114-inch outlet, material filter, "Easy Clean" surge tank
  • Agitation

    112-inch shaft diameter. Hand operated crank mixes forward or reverse.
  • Hose & Hand Wand

    75-foot hose and 6-foot hand wand.
  • Custom Options

    • 4-foot equipment extension deck
    • Ramps and fencing for deck
    • Brush box
    • Hose reel (spring loaded/self-retracting)
    • 15-foot suction hose
    • 2516-inch ball hitch

Sealcoat Machine

Operation, Maintenance and Parts (OMP) for Nealco® DP-300 Sealcoat Trailer & Skid Systems Proper winterization procedures for Nealco units

Air Compressor

Manufactured by Jenny Products, Inc. More information available on their website.


Trailer systems only. Manufactured by Dexter Axle Company. Service manuals available on their website.