Truck Body Systems

We can customize a Truck Body to fit perfectly on your truck!

Truck Body System

Looking for the ultimate sealcoating tool? Have a truck that meets these requirements? Then we can customize a Truck Body to fit perfectly on your truck, haul your equipment, and provide a safe work site. The solid tank body is designed to give you a smoother ride, whether loaded with product or empty.

A Truck Body System is available for the 990 Series, 1500 Series and 2000 Series sealcoating machines. This system consists of an ESSP unit, a 2-piece steel frame, fenders, large deck, D.O.T. lighting and rear safety guard. The Standard Package also contains a drop storage area, underbody toolbox, work platform, and a spraybar.

Our Truck Body units are fabricated as a solid tank body around your truck and clamped securely to the chassis to ensure safer handling and a smoother ride. Truck chassis and suspension are designed to have some flex. Improper design or attaching hardware will create a rigid frame that causes a rough ride. Our custom body mounts keep this flex while providing added security with a full load. The frame is built around the tank for stability and a lower profile. The fenders are a wrap-around working deck. The rear bumper is removable, and serves as the rear work platform, spraybar mount and a hitch receiver to pull a 550 Series trailer!

Plenty of storage means you have every tool you need when you need it. Tools are secure in the lockable toolbox and the storage racks are spacious enough for any needed equipment. These machines are built to last a lifetime. We at Nealco® know this is a major investment for your company, so we view them the same way—an investment.

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  • ESSP Sealcoating Unit

    All the same features as the skid versions of the 990 Series, 1500 Series, & 2000 Series. The ESSP unit is fabricated as part of the truck body for a solid assembly with a low profile.
  • Solid Steel Frame

    Custom designed solid steel frame is fabricated around the sealer tank. Solid tank body gives superior ride comfort, even while empty!
  • Fenders/Deck

    Fenders/deck wrap around unit. Plenty of space for work, tools and supplies. All walking surfaces are coated with truck bed liner.
  • Rear Guard

    Steel reinforcements are bolted directly to the truck chassis. Built to withstand impact from the rear. Removable. Also serves as mount for rear work platform, hitch receiver and spraybar mounting brackets.
  • Mounting Hardware

    Our custom designed body mounts ensure the maximum security while enhancing ride performance.
  • Lights

    Brake, tail, back up & clearance LED lights conform to all D.O.T. regulations.
  • Truck for: 990 1500 2000

    Minimum Chassis Length
    154 inches 164 inches 174 inches
    Minimum Cab to Axle Length
    100 inches 114 inches 122 inches
    Minimum GVAW (Truck weight + X)
    21,000 lbs. 26,500 lbs. 32,000 lbs.
  • Custom Options

    • 24-, 36-, or 48-inch long underbody toolbox, lockable
    • Drop storage, 4–6 feet wide, available with gate/ramp
    • Rear work platform, detachable, for monitoring spray and work
    • 84-inch 6-nozzle spraybar with hydraulic on/off
    • Spraybar extensions (14- or 28-inch)
    • 110-inch squeegee assembly
    • Hitch receiver, 10,000 lbs.
    • Fender fence, turn any usable area into supply storage
    • PTO control, depending on transmission
    • Engine compartment cover
    • LED lamps for directional lighting
    • Rear and/or side view camera(s) with mounted in-cab display for monitoring