550 Series

ESP-550 & ESSP-550 Asphalt Sealcoating Machine and Applicator

Trailer or Skid


The ESP-550 / ESSP-550 sealcoat trailer and skid systems are the most versatile sealcoat machines that you could add to your fleet, yet they are so easy to operate that they also make the perfect beginner machine. Your entire operation can be handled by one person! The machines have the perfect capacity for a medium sized parking lot or a handful of residential driveways. The ESP has plenty of power to run one or two hand wands with 75-foot hoses. And the ESSP runs a 6-nozzle, 8-foot wide spray bar (optional) for the perfect even coat on any big lot. Nealco® equipment is built to last a lifetime because we realize these machines are a major investment for your company.

We pride ourselves on being a manufacturer that focuses on the contractor. This is why most of the units we produce are custom models. Don’t hesitate to call us with special applications or specifications. We are happy to accommodate you.

  • The manway lid opens level to create a shelf for your sand bags.
  • The conveniently designed tongue space can store sand bags, sealer buckets, barricades, or anything else you need to haul to the job site. With the re-engineered engine hood, you no longer have to unload your hotbox or blower to put gas in the engine! The fixed panel we created is a perfect spot to mount your brush box, or to simply install hooks to attach brooms, brushes or edging boards.
  • All surface areas that may be stepped on have the same tough, non-skid coating you find in your truck bed.
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Model Standard Length Width Height Weight Capacity
ESP-550T / ESSP-550T 180 in. 73 in. 80 in. 2700 lbs. 550 gal.
ESP-550TE / ESSP-550TE 214 in. 73 in. 80 in. 3150 lbs. 550 gal.

TE Model is Extended Trailer with Utility Deck and 36" Gate/Ramp.

  • Engine

    16 HP gas twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engine with electric start. Includes 2-year warranty.
  • Tank & Capacity

    550-gallon steel tank with 24-inch manway. Inner lid and safety hatch.
  • Pumping System

    ESP (50 gpm) or ESSP (100 gpm) piston pump with 2-inch material plumbing, 2-inch gravity flow discharge and quick connects. Pump speed is infinitely variable. Large 2-gallon material filter and "Easy Clean" surge tank.
  • Agitation

    112-inch diameter. Shaft variable speed control with forward and reverse. Offset paddles hydraulically driven for superior torque capabilities.
  • Hose & Hand Wand

    75-foot hose and 6-foot wand.
  • Cleanup System

    Water system with electric pump.
  • Custom Options

    • Extended deck
    • 2nd hose and hand wand
    • Longer hose for hand wand (100 feet, 125 feet, 150 feet)
    • Operator seat
    • 84-inch 6-nozzle spray bar
    • Spray bar extensions (14-inch or 28-inch)
    • Hose reel (spring loaded/self-retracting)
    • 15-foot suction hose
    • 8-foot wide squeegee drag assembly
    • Brush box

Sealcoat Machine

Operation, Maintenance and Parts (OMP) for Nealco® ESP-550 / ESSP-550 and ESP-760 / ESSP-760 Sealcoat Trailer & Skid Systems Proper winterization procedures for Nealco units

Piston Pump

ESP 50 GPM Piston Pump Parts List & Assembly/Disassembly Instructions ESSP 100 GPM Piston Pump Parts List & Assembly/Disassembly Instructions ESP & ESSP Piston Pump Head Proximity Switch Installation


Manufactured by Briggs & Stratton® Corporation Engine Models 290000, 300000, 350000, 380000 Series.


Trailer systems only. Manufactured by Dexter Axle Company. Service manuals available on their website.